Mind Over Matter

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Coming in 2016

March – Live dates in Germany
April – ATP curated by Stewart Lee – Butlins, Prestatyn, North Wales
May – Live dates in England
August – Rebellion Festival – Winter Gardens, Blackpool, England

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‘Mind Over Matter’ – Released 11th May 2015


There are drum and guitar bands and then there is the Nightingales, dwarfing the rest, unmatched and utterly underrated in both musical originality and stylistic innovation. ROCK N REEL *****

What Mind Over Matter does exceptionally well is meld the playful and the cynical while always bringing it back to the songs – in both a lyrical and musical sense. This is a record clearly made by, and for, lovers of music of all stripes, especially those who enjoy it filtered through superior, learned and rough-edged post-punk. RECORD COLLECTOR ****

2011’s For Fuck’s Sake was a minor masterpiece. This terrific follow-up is even better, the quartet unloading a clamorous set of songs full of pique, provocation and waspish humour. UNCUT 8/10

A maelstrom of Krautrockin’ grooves, Beefheartian guitars and pummelling percussion. Still scabrous, sardonic and singular, you really wouldn’t want it any other way. Q

Mind Over Matter is a melting pot of different sounds and ideas, retaining its link to the band’s punk roots, but so rich in its diversity, jumping from point to point without stopping for breath, that it’s an at times difficult, but ultimately exceptionally rewarding, listen. EVEN THE STARS

A record that’s nothing short of sheer brilliance. Despite their tongue in cheek swagger, Nightingales might’ve just produced one of the greatest British exports to date. COLLAPSE BOARD

As ever, the Nightingales don’t fuck about. Lloyd’s on top of his game and his band are up to the challenge of following him, especially Kitson who’s at the heart of almost everything brilliant on this record. If you know the ‘Gales, this is as good as they’ve ever been. If you don’t, here’s your chance to start. As they say in ‘Gales Doc’ (no spoofing this time): “sonically more interesting than most”. SOUNDS XP

Mind Over Matters reveals a band at the height of their powers. TASTY

Vital. Never mind the hyperbole-ocks, this is the best album of the year. VELVET SHEEP

Brilliant stuff. THE HERALD SCOTLAND

Mind Over Matter matters more in 2015 than you might have first thought. FLIPSIDE

One of the most inventive releases of their entire career. ROOTS AND BRANCHES