In The Good Old Country Way – Expanded Edition

Released 8th Jul 2022
2x 12" Vinyl - Call Of The Void (VOID008LP)
2x CD - Call Of The Void (VOID008CD)
Distributed by Cargo
Originally released in 1986 by Vindaloo Records (Tracks 1-10)


  1. The Headache Collector
  2. Down In The Dumps
  3. Leave It Out
  4. Comfort And Joy
  5. Coincidence
  6. I Spit In Your Gravy
  7. Square Circle
  8. Part Time Moral England
  9. How To Age
  10. No Can Do
  11. It's A Cracker
  12. Here We Go Now
  13. What A Carry On
  14. Carry On Carrying On
  15. Comfort And Joy (EP version)
  16. First My Job
  17. Let's Surf
  18. Crafty Fag (live version)
  19. Down In The Dumps (version 2)
  20. At The End Of The Day

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