Live In Balsall Heath

Released 15th September 2023
2x 12" Vinyl - Tiny Global Productions (LSE-0004-2LP)
No distribution


  1. Sunlit Uplands (Turn That Frown Upside Down)
  2. I ♥ CCTV
  3. I Am Grimaldi
  4. Too Posh To Push
  5. The Divorce That Never Was
  6. Dumb And Drummer
  7. Which Hi-Fi?
  8. Diary Of A Bag Of Nerves
  9. My Sweet Friend
  10. I Needed The Money At The Time
  11. Bloody Breath
  12. Good Morning And Goodbye
  13. Best Of British Luck
  14. Magical Left Foot
  15. Eleven Fingers
  16. How To Age
  17. Mark Meets No Mark
  18. Dick The Do-Gooder

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